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Discover New Music Vol. 1

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Discover New Music Vol. 1

Volume One
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# Play Song Title Duration Composer Performers

Dublin Blues

6:01 Guy Clark Jenner Fox

The Temptation of Adam

3:51 Josh Ritter Jenner Fox

Lonesome Drifter

4:44 Michael Shay Michael Shay

That's the Way the World Goes Round

1:52 John Prine Jenner Fox

Running on Joy

2:57 Fiona Joy Hawkins Fiona Joy Hawkins

Rocky Road

4:29 Nancy Cassidy Nancy Cassidy

My One And Only Love

5:55 Guy B. Wood, Robert Mellin Jenna Mammina


3:52 Jim Harris Michael Shay

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

9:10 Bob Dylan Jenner Fox


4:52 James Taylor John R. Burr

Angel Dream

3:17 Tom Petty Kim Baker

Golden Eyes

3:53 Hannah Kacmarsky Hannah Kacmarsky

Discover New Music Volume 1 is the kind of compilation that offers warmth and comfort. Featuring a range of introspective piano pieces, melancholy blues songs, and cozy country, this collection of songs is perfect to listen to with a hot cup of tea in hand as you relax in your living room. There is a special quality to simple acoustic music. When stripped down to just an acoustic guitar and voice or a small ensemble of instruments, there is an immense feeling of intimacy and vulnerability. Cookie’s signature audiophile recording takes these beautiful songs and gives them life, creating depth and space for the music to breathe. The sound is full and round, almost with a three-dimensional quality that will fill your room. This is as close as you can get to having a live concert in the comfort of your own home. Album opener “Dublin Blues” by Jenner Fox is a melancholy country blues piece. Fox’s performance is unhurried, digging into feelings of sadness and anger as he sings, “I loved you on those Spanish steps the day you said goodbye.” Nancy Cassidy’s “Rocky Road” is another somber song, this time in more of a folk style reminiscent of Judy Collins or Sandy Denny. Yet, Cassidy’s voice is rounder, deeper, grounded. Jenna Mammina’s rendition of “My One And Only Love” is perhaps the standout track of the compilation. Mammina’s voice is one of a kind, beautifully clear, high, round, and always ends on a sweet note. This piece is also probably the largest production in terms of musicians. Yet despite having a full string section in addition to the piano, bass, and drums, there is an incredible sense of intimacy, which highlights the chemistry and skill of the musicians to blend so well and create a perfectly easy and emotional musical setting.

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