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When Does Love Go South?

Winterlark - When Does Love Go South? - Cover Image

When Does Love Go South?

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# Play Song Title Duration Composer

Fortune's Hand

3:45 E. Schragg

Unreadable Ruby

3:01 E. Schragg

Virus of Desire

3:55 E. Schragg

April, Don't Be Cruel

3:37 E. Schragg

I Would Not Deny

4:14 E. Schragg

Under All the Weight of the Summer

4:06 E. Schragg

When Does Love Go South?

3:50 E. Schragg

Sad Last Supper

3:32 E. Schragg

I'll Take My Rightful Place

3:31 E. Schragg

The Sisters Sittin' in the Back Row

3:22 E. Schragg

Yesterday's Wind

4:09 E. Schragg

Lullaby for December's Children

3:09 E. Schragg

When Does Love Go South? is the debut release from Winterlark, a San Francisco Bay Area acoustic folk-jazz trio. In songs of love and loss written by lyrical storyteller Sweeney E. Schragg, Winterlark sing and play a melodic, cosmopolitan blend of bossa nova, American soul, and string band swing, seasoned with a dash of Mose Allison. Their sound features the tight, jazz-influenced vocal harmonies of guitarist Schragg and upright bassist Kristin Olson propelled along by the dynamic brush work of drummer Chris Haskett.

Produced by Cookie Marenco, When Does Love Go South? was recorded live (with backing vocal overdubs) at Blue Coast Studios on two-inch tape and mixed through an analog console to DSD256.

"A terrific accomplishment. Under All the Weight of the Summer should be the California state song." - Susan Werner, Folk Alliance International

"Off in the distance the rising moon, here the insistence of a country tune blasting the radio, asking the ages old: when does love go south?"